National development encompasses a variety of key areas that must work together to foster and harness sustainable growth. Among such key priority areas are socioeconomic development and human capacity building. Again, these key development indicators can best be measured if addressed from grassroot levels. As such, this proposal has been put together to comprehensively address some of the major developmental challenges confronting the people of Akyem Apapam-Afiesa electoral area. The projects herein proposed are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely interventions that are aimed at not only alleviating the immediate socio-economic constraints of the people, but also to build capacity by harnessing natural abilities and build sustainable development in the area.


I, Ernest Twum Barima, a concerned citizen of Akyem Apapam and Afiesa, would like to render a proposal letter to your high office for your perusal and consideration for financial and material aids in accomplishing a fourfold project for the purpose of alleviating abject poverty and other social vices that are currently enduring in my community, Akyem Apapam and Afiesa. Akyem Apapam and Afiesa, towns and suburbs of Akyem consist of over 2000 population. Out of this the youth are the majority in percentage-wise. The ban of Galamsey in the country has brought numerous social challenges of which teenage pregnancy, unemployment, and abject poverty cannot be ruled out. As a concerned citizen, being an indigene of the area, I am highly saddened by these unfortunate and plentiful encounters. Consequently, I have defined three major projects that if assisted, will abate and reverse the dares for the betterment of the community, its suburbs, and Ghana as a whole. The followings are the numbered projects I have designed and seeking for material and financial assistance to execute them:

  1. Youth in IT Training (YIIT).
  2. Modern Agricultural Technology Application and Training.
  3. Purifications of Rivers and Uncovered Galamsey Pits into A Useful and Economic Resource Center
  4. Apapam Waterfalls


The importance of training the youth in Information Technology is crucial as far as creating jobs is a concern. To improve the living condition of the youth, I have targeted over 200 youth; some have completed Senior and Junior High Schools respectively. I have the plan of training them in robotics, software application, computer hardware, and designs. I will need about 50 serviced computers, scanners, printers and accessories in executing this project successfully. Capital amounting to Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢50,000.00) would be needed to cater for rents and allowances for about 10 IT trainers. As a professional IT expert, I will supervise all training activities in achieving our goals successfully as expected. By the end of this project, I have the hope that about 95% of the target youth would secure jobs, while some of them establish their own business and employ others as well, all in the name of decreasing unemployment and other social vices within and outside the community.


Modern Agriculture is an evolving approach to Agricultural innovations and farming practices that helps farming community increase efficiency to meet home and the world’s food, fuel, and fiber demands. Kyebi Apapam and Afiesa, are part of the farming communities in the country, despite the introduction of the modern system of Agriculture, still apply the old fashioned and archaic traditional method of farming.

The activities of illegal mining, popularly also known as Galamsey, have weakened the fertility of the soil which was once used for the cultivation of all kinds of crops and vegetables. The effects of the Galamsey activities have caused great damage to the environment at Kyebi Apapam and its environs to the extent that, many pits were uncovered pausing danger to the people. The aftermath of the ban on Galamsey activities in the country, of which Kyebi Apapam was among the leading Galamsey areas, lands which were supposed to be properly utilized for Agricultural activities have been left idle. Some of these parcels of lands have been contaminated by poisonous chemicals which could be harmful to human and other natural resources. As a result of this, the majority of the people, specifically the youth, have abandoned farming. This has contributed to abject poverty and famine. After my assessment to introduce modern Agricultural technology and training, I contacted some family members whose lands have been affected by the Galamsey activities. During my interaction with them, I was able to convince them to release the land for cultivation. They have agreed to lease the land of over thirteen (13) acres for affecting the project. I have decided to introduce an irrigation system for the cultivation of various kinds of crops and vegetables for commercial purposes for home and exportation. This project is expected to create jobs for over 300 farmhands within and outside the community of Kyebi Apapam and Afiesa.

Sir/ Madam, I am requesting your high office to support this innovative idea by supplying Agricultural implements such as fertilizers, vegetable seeds, insecticide sprayers, rakes, rollers, and any other tools such as tractors, ploughs, pitchforks, irrigation apparatus, etc. A projected physical capital of Forty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 40,000.00) would also be needed to cater for the wages of laborers, rents and other expenses which would be incurred. My hope for this project is to induce the majority of the youth back to the Agriculture sector which is believed to be the major contributing factor of Ghana’s economic growth, export earnings, and a major source of inputs for the manufacturing sector.

This project when enforced will change the perceptions of the chunk of the youth about farming and reverted to the practices of modern Agriculture technology applications so that the burden of unemployment affecting the society and the general public would be considerably reduced. The introduction of modern Agriculture technologies, moreover, would serve as a footmark for the youth, both inside and outside the community to develop the appetite for farming to reduce poverty.


Kyebi Apapam is endowed with rivers around strategic places when if purified can be used as recreational centers. Unfortunately, these rivers have been contaminated and its natural beauty been defaced by human interventions. Sir/Madam, this is among the current development bordering me in my community. I hope you are also concern about the numerous importance of the river. Kindly allow me to enumerate fewer of them for your scrutiny. Rivers carry water and nutrients to areas all around the world. It plays an important role in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water. Rivers drain nearly 75% of the earth’s land surface; provide excellent habitat and food for many organisms. Other animals use water from rivers for food and drink; provide travel roots for exploration, commerce and recreation. The importance of rivers cannot be forgotten; the strong impact they have on farming activities. Rivers provide soil fertilization, and farmers in dry season use them to irrigate their crops. Sir/Madam, allow me to categorically state that none of the importance of the uses of rivers stated above can be said about my community. The stance of rivers in my community Kyebi Apapam and Afiesa which is supposed to be economically viable to serve the interest of the community is currently not to write something good about. I have the impetus to change the current position of the mired rivers into a wholesome and profitable venture in generating income for the government and the community at large by dredging, cleaning, and constructing of a recreational resort center. The purified rivers cited would serve as a recreational resort center all year round hosting important events and festivities such as swimming, party, racquetball to release stress and resting place, etc. for all. Among this project, is also captured in the turning of uncovered Galamsey pits for fish farming to serve the interest of economic purpose. This category will fall under project three (3) above. The raw projected amount to execute this profitable and laudable project is expected to be within the range of GH¢100,000.00


Number Description Estimated Capital
Project One Youth in IT – Training (YIIT) GH¢ 50,000.00
Project Two Modern Agricultural Technology Application and Training. GH¢ 40,000.00
Project Three Purification of Rivers and Transforming Uncovered Galamsey Pits into Useful and Economic Resort Centers. GH¢ 100,000.00




This magnificent waterfall is situated in the Atiwa Forest in the Eastern Region of Ghana, about 2km Southern part of Akyem Apapam, in Abuakwa South Municipality. It is under Construction and would be Announced when the project is completed. For More Information Please Contact Rabbi on 0242506555.

Helping Fund For Apapam-Afiesa

This fund is going to help the needy ranging from School going children, Informal Education Sectors and Traders in the community


It is A proposed Resort Centre Which is going to serve as recreation and Employment Avenue for poeple living in and outside Kyebi Apapam.